Monday, 5 January 2015

Motavational Monday #tryingyourbest

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Hey guys!
I still cant get over that it is 2015 already, it has crept up on us fast but here we all are- all getting ready to pursue this years resolutions that we have all made. I hope you all have a great Christmas time and got the things you asked for.

Motivational Monday is going to be a weekly Monday upload about things that can be a struggle in life, and I am going to try and give my advice out to you all on how to overcome or stay as positive as possible.

Todays upload is going to about 'trying your best'. After a long 2 week Christmas break from school our minds are more rested and a lot more relaxed and the last thing on our minds is school. But it can be a big shock to the system going back and having to get back into the routine of getting up early, and having all the school work to complete. I no for me personally the hardest thing is trying to get everything in on time like course work and papers.

Having a positive mind set and giving everything a go is very important. Its a large part of what our life's consist of. If you weren't giving everything a go and not trying you would never get anywhere.
My personal opinion of how to always try your best is to always remind yourself that things in that situation could always be a lot worse then what it is. Also remember that even if you don't succeed he first time you try , you can learn from your mistakes and try again .

I hope this upload helps some of you out there, and makes you feel better about these sort of situations , thank you for reading x

Rebekah xxx


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