Monday, 5 January 2015

My first blog post



Uploading my first blog post is a little scary for me, but I am also very excited.
 Before today I had not really known what to do with all the spare time I had, but then I came across the world of blogging from my very close friend. I have thought long and hard about setting up my very own blog, but was unsure what the feedback would be on it. But today I had just decided to suck it up and do it!
I have many reasons for starting my own blog, the main one being that I am very creative and I love to write. I also really enjoy writing my own pieces and inspiring other people to do so too, and I think by having a blog it will give me the option to do so.

I thought that as this is my first blog post, and you don't no much about me I would do 10 facts about me , just so you can get to know a little bit more about me.

  • My name is Rebekah, but for short everyone calls me Bekah
  • I am 14 years old
  • My favourite colour is purple
  • I love sport, particularly netball and swimming
  • My favourite time of the year is summer
  • I like to collect makeup , it is my favourite hobby
  • My best friend is Rosalyn writes, she also has a blog you should go follow
  • My favourite subjects are history, English and art
  • I hate tomatoes
  • And finally I love shopping, I could do it all day long

I hope this have given you a insight of what I like and dislike. I have only started by blog today and I am still getting into the whole designing and writing side to things but hopefully suture posts will be a lot better. I am planning on having many topics within all of my blog posts, ranging from motivational Monday, to monthly favourites posts , thank you for reading my post- please subscribe.

Rebekah xxx




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